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The IHSA Safety Podcast is a free podcast from the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association that seeks to improve the lives of workers in Ontario — one thought-provoking discussion at a time.

We engage with professionals and industry influencers to help them implement and improve health and safety solutions for workers and the workplace. Each episode explores best practices, resources, and training to control and eliminate safety hazards in work environments involving high-risk activities in the industries that IHSA serves: construction, transportation, and electric utilities.

Episode 21: Winter Driving

Whether you drive a commercial  vehicle or a passenger vehicle, it’s always important to be fully aware of the hazardous road conditions created by winter weather. In this podcast, IHSA’s Ken Rayner and Michelle Roberts discuss winter driving tips and break them down into four basic principles: preparation, planning, patience, and practice.

You can find additional winter driving resources at IHSA.ca:

Episode 20: Dr. Joel Moody, Ontario’s New Chief Prevention Officer

Dr. Joel Moody, Ontario’s new Chief Prevention Officer, joins IHSA to talk about his extensive background and offer his initial thoughts on the Prevention Office’s path forward.

Episode 19: Preparing for the Internal Audit

In this episode, Stacey Blea, HSMS Consultant, speaks to lead COR™ Auditor, Peter Smith about preparing for an internal COR™ audit. They cover context, resources, training, official documents and more as they really dig into getting set up for performing a successful internal audit.

Episode 18: Introducing the COR Team

Introducing some of the roles within the COR™ department at the IHSA and the individuals who are filling those positions. Guests include: Scott Needs, Maren Gamble, Deb Moskal, David Dametto, Peter Smith, John Kelly and Sam Pitaro.

Episode 17: Getting started with COR

A conversation with Paul Casey, Vice President of Programs and Strategic Development and David Steinschifter, Manager of Strategic Programs provides a starting point for those interested in getting into COR™ in Ontario. They discuss and overview of the history of COR™ in Ontario as well as it’s impacts and key proven benefits

Episode 16: Prevention Works: The 5-year Strategy

Ron Kelusky, Ontario’s outgoing Chief Prevention Officer looks at key points from the Prevention Office’s new 5-year strategy, Ron’s office’s key accomplishments during his tenure, and his view on the future of health and safety.

Episode 15: COVID-19: impacts and opportunities

Ron Kelusky, Ontario’s outgoing Chief Prevention Officer shares his view on the impacts of COVID-19 and the opportunities it presented in raising the profile of workplace health and safety.

Episode 14: Advancing workplace health and safety in Ontario

Ron Kelusky, Ontario’s outgoing Chief Prevention Officer with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, joins IHSA to discuss his background and successes in working with industry to advance workplace health and safety. 

Episode 13: Customer Relations, Marketing, and Products

In the fifth and final episode of our special series focusing on what IHSA is and what we do, Ken Rayner, Vice-President of Customer Relations, Market Development and Labour Relations discusses how IHSA’s customer service team provides support to members, some of the many, many products IHSA offers, and the different communication channels IHSA uses to raise health and safety awareness in Ontario.

Episode 12: Stakeholder and Industry Support

In our fourth episode of IHSA’s five-part series on who we are and what we do, Dean Dunn, Vice-President of Stakeholder and Public Relations, discusses the Labour-Management Network and the important role its committees and partnerships play in the health and safety system across the province.

Episode 11: Fostering a Culture of Health and Safety

Our special five-part series on IHSA continues with this third episode where we talk with Paul Casey, Vice-President of Programs and Strategic Development. Paul provides an overview of three important IHSA programs: the Certificate of Recognition (COR™), Health and Safety Excellence (HSEP), and the National Construction Health and Safety Officer (NCSO™) program.

Episode 10: IHSA Training and Operations

In this second episode of our five-part series on IHSA, we talk to Greg Williamson, Vice-President of High Risk Activity, Training and Operations. Greg talks to us about how companies become IHSA members, some of the high-risk activity training courses IHSA offers, the Powerline Technician Apprenticeship program, and more.

Episode 9: IHSA and who we are

Our next five-part series of IHSA podcasts looks at who we are and what we do. Kicking off the series, IHSA President and CEO, Enzo Garritano, talks to us about IHSA’s history, our vision, and mission. We also look at the key services IHSA provides and the different sectors we serve across the province.

Episode 8: Fall protection quick facts

We wrap up our special five-part series on Falls Awareness with our series-long guest, Brian Barron from the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development. In this final episode, we look at fall protection quick facts including common FAQs, the hierarchy of controls, training, fines, and much more.

Episode 7: Common enforcement concerns

This fourth episode in our five-part series on Falls Awareness looks at the most common issues identified by inspectors from the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development when conducting inspections on different job sites. 

Episode 6: Working at heights (WAH) training requirements

Our five-part series on Falls Awareness continues with our series guest, Brian Barron from Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development. In this third episode we look at training requirements for workers when working at heights. We also discuss training providers, the duties and responsibilities of employers, and much more.  

Episode 5: Workplace parties roles and responsibilities in preventing falls

In this second episode of our special Falls Awareness series, we continue our talk with Brian Barron from the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development. We specifically look at the different roles and responsibilities that employers, supervisors, and workers have in preventing falls on job sites.

Episode 4 : Fall protection and when to use it.

In this first episode of our special five-part series on Falls Awareness, we talk to Brian Barron, Senior Manager of the Construction Health and Safety Program within the Ministry of Labour. Our first discussion with Brian considers the various methods of fall protection and the different situations in which they are required.

Episode 3: Seasonal road safety tips for warmer weather

Warmer weather is great for getting out on the road, but it also means there is increased volume on the road and more vulnerable road users, like motorcyclists and construction workers, sharing the road too. IHSA’s Michelle Roberts and OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt talk about seasonal road safety tips for warmer weather.

Episode 2: Sharing the road safely with large trucks
Our candid road safety conversation with OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt continues as he shares what risky driving behaviours he sees on the road around transport trucks. Often drivers of passenger vehicles are not aware of the limitations of transport trucks. Tune in to this episode to become a better informed driver around large trucks and improve how to share the road with them.
Episode 1: Road safety and the “Big Four”

In our very first episode, we have the privilege of sitting down with OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt for a candid conversation about road safety. He breaks down the most common risky behaviours on the road—also known as the “Big Four”: lack of seatbelts, impaired driving, speeding, and distracted driving. 

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The Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) is Ontario’s trusted health and safety resource. Our goal is to improve the lives of Ontario workers. We provide resources and training to control and eliminate safety hazards in work environments involving high-risk activities. 

At IHSA we have always maintained a standard of excellence. We are proud of our role in helping to make Ontario one of the safest places in the world to work. Our focus is on workers and on keeping our promise to provide them with the tools to Work Safe for Life.

As part of Ontario’s health and safety system, we are recognized by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, the Ministry of Colleges and Universities, the Ministry of Transportation, and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board as designated trainers and consultants. So you can be sure that the training you get from IHSA meets regulatory requirements and compliance standards.